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miercuri, 3 august 2011

Dots all over

Who said bow ties are only for men or they must be serious? because you can`t treat dots seriously as much as you`ll try. So, for those who choose to be happy rather than serious, I`ve made this uber cute dotty bow tie. 
Is made of satin and closes with pin brooch. You can purchase at a price of 32 lei.
The photos are made by Angela Puraci (
You can also buy it from Atelier A!urea.

2 comentarii:

Faboulista spunea...

that bow tie is so cute. i cant believe i didnt think of visiting atelier aiurea while i was in bucharest. shame on me!

Veronica Biliboc spunea...

I saw that you had a very busy schedule :) hope you had fun! I`m glad that you like it!